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Liberty Isn’t Easy: Delegates, Here’s your Call-To-Action

Here’s my obligatory, post-election political post – but it’s not what you might think.
In Utah, we have something called the Caucus and Convention System. That system provides us with “Neighborhood Representatives”, people who watch the topics that are important to our community, and ACTIVELY COMMUNICATE with our elected officials.
These people are our State and County Delegates, and they’re coordinated by our Precinct Chair.
Your Neighborhood Representatives (Delegates) should be calling, emailing, writing, and even texting your elected officials often. They should be telling them “I’m so-and-so, and I’m a Delegate in Newton. This topic is important to us, and we feel you should support it. As an elected Delegate, it’s my duty to represent my neighbors and to report back to them. As such, I expect to hear back from you regarding your intentions on this issue. Cordially, (Your Name), Delegate”.
If you are a Delegate and are not doing this, you’re not doing the job we elected you to do. Please, step up.
Your ballot has been cast. Your vote has been counted. Without our Neighborhood Representatives, our politicians would have a free-ride until the next campaigning season.
Thanks to the Utah’s Caucus and Convention System, your VOICE will continue to be heard through your Neighborhood Representative during the politicians’ entire terms of office – but you’ve got to make sure they’re doing it.
Liberty isn’t easy. The cost is eternal vigilance.

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