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The curse of Political Correctness: Islamophobia and racism

I believe in the freedom of religion. I don’t think members of any church should be singled out and treated differently. This includes Muslims.

However, anyone who uses their “religion” to instruct followers to violence and intimidation in the pursuit of ideological aims is not a religion – it is a terror cell.

A “church-house” to store illegally procured weapons or bomb-making materials isn’t a church-house – it’s an arsenal.

Anyone who uses a “church-house” to house or give sanctuary to those who use violence and intimidation in the pursuit of ideological aims has turned that church-house into a barracks.

I don’t care what “religion” is being used to mask those activities, whether they’re Jewish, Catholic, Hindu, Muslim, or any other religion – you cannot use your religion as a shield to hide your activities. If you do, I cannot be called “racist” or “anti-religious” for calling out those activities as loathsome and deplorable.

No, I’m not “Islamophobic”, or any other “-phobic”. I’m practical, and I see through the “politically correct” crap that those who would use religion to hide their violence and intimidation, and trying to shame those of us who refuse to be victims as being “bigots” or “racists” won’t work much longer.

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