Is a Glock a safe Concealed Carry Weapon?

image(The idea for this article comes from the USCCA. See below for information about the USCCA.)

Picking a Self-Defense Weapon

Back when I was deciding upon what weapon to carry as my standard sidearm I did my research, I looked into revolvers, versus semi-automatic pistols, versus single/double-shot pistols. I looked into pepper spray, batons, and tasers.

Ultimately, with the help of my brother (a deputy with Salt Lake County Sherriff’s Department), I decided upon a semi-automatic pistol.


Deciding whether to open- or concealed-carry

Next, I had to decide whether to open-carry or concealed-carry. Open-carry was certainly easier, and not-illegal except in certain areas, but I’d get a lot of strange looks. Getting a Concealed Firearm Permit would make things easier: (more…)

Two New Categories

I added two new categories to my blog today: Projects: Inspired by folk such as Bree Petis and MakeZine and projects in PopSci, here’s I’ll be detailing projects that I undertake at home. Self-Defense: hopefully that one is self-explanatory.