Netzero Ad Preys on the Stupid

Would you like to save $300/year?

image In this economy, who wouldn’t?

Over the Holiday weekend I saw a rather novel Netzero advertisement: Switch from your broadband internet provider to Netzero Dialup and save $300/year.

I’m paying approximately $53/month for my broadband internet through Comcast, and the appeal of dropping that down to $10/month with another ISP is tempting, to say the least!

Let’s see if it’s really worth it

To use Netzero dialup as my ISP I’d need to switch from T-Mobile @Home VoIP ($10/month) for my home phone back to POTS, and I’d have to get a second line to cover how much time is spent on the innerwebs, so that’s $29.95 for basic phone service, plus $6 for Caller-ID, plus another $9.95 for another phone line, plus about $10 in long-distance per month.

I wouldn’t be able to stream Netflix to my XBOX360, so I’d have to drop my 1-out-at-a-time-unlimited plan for $10 and upgrade that to at least a 3-out plan, so we’re up to $30.

I wouldn’t be able to play XBOX Live games over dialup, so I’d be losing that entirely (save about $5/month).

Service vs. $/month Broadband Netzero
ISP $53 $10
Phone $10 $55.90
Netflix $10 $30
XBOX Live $5 n/a: ($5)
Time wasted due to slow speeds None Hideously Grotesque Amounts
Total $78/month $90.90/month (& no XBOX Live)


So, not being able to calculate how much money (aka “time”) is wasted by reverting to dialup, nor how much money (in lost entertainment value) is lost by not having XBOX Live, just running the raw numbers, Netzero costs $12.90/month MORE than Comcast broadband does!

They say I’ll save $300/year, but when I do the math it will cost me at least $154.80/year more, not to mention the hours upon hours of my life wasted just waiting for pages to load.

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2 Responses to Netzero Ad Preys on the Stupid

  1. Dale says:

    I saw this same ad and just laughed.
    Dial is not even the whole internet anymore.
    Wow, forget all the stuff I could no longer do, it would cost me more as well.

    I pay 45 bucks a month for ATT DSL, no POTS. That is the fastest speed. Icould go for entry level for 20.

    I have skype which I pay a grand total of 5 a month for. That has me up to 50.
    There is no way anything netzero has would come close.

    For that matter, ATT has DSL with phone service for 9.99 now anyway.

    That is laughable

    I think i will run an add for how much we could save if we rode horses…….

  2. nessy says:

    I can’t imagine switching from comcast to dial up. Agreed, you have to be an idiot to buy into this campaign.

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