Going Green: Living Walls

Not long ago I posted an entry about Roof Gardens and the potential benefits one could expect from “greening” the rooftops of large buildings, and even your own home.
Vertical Garden
Expand that idea to your walls. That’s right, living walls. Well, only the outside fascia, the walls are still structural and practical from a traditional standpoint, but they have a covering of plants! The plants help regulate the indoor temperature, and help out with the outdoor temperature as well. This saves heating and cooling costs, removed carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, adds oxygen and nitrogen to the air, and just looks cool!

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4 Responses to Going Green: Living Walls

  1. Sam Sys says:

    That looks very nice, and I didn’t even realize all the advantages this has!


  2. Vanessa says:

    Its important to also mention that these walls are a key factor in storm water retention. Berlin uses the same idea in their Green Area Ratio (GAR) but instead of terming them living walls they call them green facades.


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