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A Constitutional Convention of the States cannot be limited!

I don’t think there are many among us who will argue that the federal government has grown too big, spends too much, and has expanded far beyond what the Founding Fathers originally intended when drafting the Constitution of these United States of America.
Many are frustrated, angered, and even fed up with the overreach of power that the has been assumed by Washington and its bureaucratic “three letter acronym” agencies. To remedy the problems caused when government becomes too large and too centralized, many are turning to any mechanism at their disposal to correct the problems that “big government” has foisted upon We The People.
Some of these people think that calling for an Article V Constitutional Convention (“CON CON”) would allow the states to create new limits on the federal government, and that it can be somehow “limited” to only cover specific topics or categories.
That’s simply is not true.  Most scholars agree that a constitutional convention cannot be limited.
A leading website advocating for a “Convention of States” (COS) points out that if a convention is called “The convention of states itself would determine which ideas deserve serious consideration” – not a resolution calling for the convention.
State Representatives Ken Ivory and Kraig Powell want to call a convention to amend the Constitution, and later today the Utah House Revenue and Taxation Committee will consider HJR 14 and HJR 7 which will both put our Constitution at risk!
Hundreds of radical and liberal organizations have been pushing for such a convention for over a decade, including (but not limited to) the Sierra Club, Code Pink, Alliance for Progressive Values, MoveOn, and “Occupy”.
  • Do you trust the hundreds of radical organizations calling for an Article V Convention to do the “right thing” and rein in the federal government?
  • Will liberal states such as California, New York, and Illinois, work toward the same values and purposes that represent Utah?

There is no way a convention can be limited!

Article V of the Constitution only allows states to apply to Congress for a convention to amend the Constitution. Once the required number of states have submitted their applications, Congress must “call” the convention. Article V does not empower the states to have any control over the convention itself.

Congress has been operating outside the bounds of the Constitution for years, there’s nothing that will compel Congress to comply with the “New Constitution” any more than they have with our current Constitution.

States have other means and mechanisms to deal with a runaway federal government which are every bit as powerful, but incur none of the risk.

Please OPPOSE HJR 14, HJR 7, and any other attempt to call a CON CON or Convention of the States.

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