Utah H.B. 357 Substitute Firearms Amendments (Sandstrom, S.) Signed into Law

Utah’s H.B. 357 Substitute Firearms Amendments (Sandstrom, S.) was signed by the Governor yesterday, 03/30/2009.

This bill modifies provisions of the Utah Criminal Code related to firearms. It

  • modifies the criminal penalties exception provisions related to carrying a concealed firearm to apply to a vehicle in a person’s lawful possession and to a vehicle in the lawful possession of another, with the consent of that person;
  • allows a person to carry a loaded firearm in a vehicle in the person’s lawful possession or in a vehicle with the consent of the person lawfully in possession of the vehicle;
  • allows for the possession of a loaded firearm on a person’s real property; and
  • makes certain technical changes.

In plain English, this bill says that after the effective date you can carry a loaded or unloaded firearm in a vehicle that you are driving, or in a vehicle with the consent of the person driving it, or on your “real property” (which is legal speak for your “land”). (more…)

Living Frugally, Depression Style

I consider myself to be fairly fortunate, for the purposes of this post, it’s because I had parents that grew up during the Great Depression. Both parents were very young during the depression, but the memories stuck (they were born in the late 20’s and early 30’s).

My dad and I were talking about our gardens yesterday. As long as I can remember my dad has always had a garden, and not a small garden. He grows much, much more than he can use in a season, and he’s still picking carrots and red beets from what he planted last year.

What he doesn’t use gets given to his kids, his neighbors, his friends, anyone that can help talk some of the bounty off his hands. Of course he stores what he can. He hangs onions in his root cellar and garage, he digs his potatoes and stores them. He leaves his red beets and carrots in the ground over the winter. My mom cans and juices tomatoes and grapes. Everything that they can’t store, can’t give away, or can’t eat goes into the compost pile, which gets spread back over the garden as soon as it has cooked.

I asked him why he had such a large garden, “when I was a little boy that’s what we ate.” He said food was scarce, and it was expensive… and work, when his dad could get any, (more…)

Do you carry a flashlight – for self-defense?

Generally speaking, 1/4 of the “day” is night (no-light), 1/4 is morning (low-light), 1/4 is evening (also low-light). Only 1/4 of your life will be spent in “good-light” conditions… and most of that is probably spent indoors, where a tripped breaker, cut power line, or natural disaster could turn your world dark.

While it’s true that most of us carry a cell-phone or MP3 player which could provide a little light in a pinch, chances are you’re not going to use it as a “flashlight” in anything but an emergency.

Why not carry a real flashlight (also called a “torch”) to help you see in those situations?

A flashlight can also double as a non-lethal weapon should that circumstance arise (and I have yet to see any employer or religious institution that prohibits flashlights on their property).

imageI recently listened to a podcast that advocated just that: carrying a flashlight for your own personal preparedness and defense.

After listening to the podcast I went out and bought my first “carry flashlight;” it’s been in my pocket ever since. I went with the Gerber Cornea. It runs about $20 (MSRP $34.66), uses two AA batteries, boasts an LED and 18 lumens, and has a rugged housing. So far I’m really impressed with it, and am amazed how often I end up using it.

image Surefire has (more…)

Urban Legends strike again: Captain Kangaroo and Mister Rogers

I just got an email that’s been circulating since around 2002 regarding Captain Kangaroo’s and Mister Roger’s alleged military service.

Captain Kangaroo (Bob Keeshan) didn’t enlist until after Iwo Jima. He never even saw any combat experience (he enlisted two weeks before we dropped the bomb).

Fred Rogers never served in the military, he was never a sniper, and he didn’t have tattooed (more…)