Are you Red or Blue … in the Face

I’ve given up on the two-party system (where does it say anything about two parties in the Constitution? That’s right: it’s not in there).

Elected Democrats (no offense intended to my Democratic-voting friends here) seem to be the anti-Bush party, I haven’t seen any constructive ideas come out of an Elected Democrat since, like Ralph said, FDR, Truman, and JFK.

Then again, Elected Republicans aren’t “without sin” either (again, no offense intended to my Republican-voting friends). Take a look at Orrin Hatch being bought out by the RIAA and the MPAA. Lat time I checked the movie industry and music industry WEREN’T IN UTAH! So why did he write and push for the Digital Millenium Copyright Act? Not to protect Utahans, that’s for sure.


Going Green

I’ve been a “green thinker” for as long as I can remember. Most of my lights are compact fluorescent (or their non-compact siblings), my home has extra insulation, my appliances are primarily Energy Star, I turn of lights when not in use, I set the thermostat appropriately, and we use ceiling fans to help make things “feel cooler.” I’m trying to obtain the funding needed to install a grid-tied, hybrid solar-wind generating setup to help off-set my reliance on the power grid, and to purchase a Toyta Prius to help off-set my use of fossil fuels.

No, I’m not “all the way there” yet (and probably never will be), but I’m working on it.

Green RoofsNot long ago my wife and I saw a telivision show where they installed a “green roof.” Basically, they made a 4 inch deep “growing box” on the roof, lined it with pool liner, placed a couple sheets of carpet padding down (to help hold in the water), placed some soil and netting down (to hold the soil in place), then planted it with ground-cover (sedums and the like).


The top 10 unintentionally worst company URI

As most of you know, I’m a web developer… unfortunately for us, often times we’re not included in the initial concept, scope, and design of the websites that we’re eventually responsible for developing, optimizing, and maintaining… such is life. (Luckily, the company that I work for now has involved me in the early states of most of the projects that I’ve worked on, which is very cool!)

That said, a recent project came up which would include the introduction of a new website (and new domain name registration). Lucky for us, we caught the fact that the domain name they wanted was already taken (by a squatter). Rather than pay the extortionist current domain name’s owner for the name, we were able to go down another avenue with the naming (and it didn’t hurt any design work that had already been done).

That said, this post is all about planning and forethought (hat tip: NextGenWeb):