Darby Gardner has a new site

My good buddy Darby Gardner has posted a new website. Darby and I go way back to the days of junior high school… Has it been that long? Anyhow… nostaligia aside, here’s a shameless plug for his site. Enjoy! Greetings! Hello everybody. I’m writing this unexpected, unsolicited e-mail to announce Read more…


Via The Web Standards Group, XHTML has introduced some new and very cool tags for us to use with old, hum-drum web forms. Introducing label, fieldset, legend, and optgroup. Take a look at what you can do with some simple style rules, a couple images, and better XHTML formatting:

Political Humor

Let me preface this post by saying that I didn’t vote for G.W. Bush (I voted for Michael Peroutka of the Constitution Party), but I would have chosen Bush over… who was that other guy? That said… this is really funny! [ .WMV ]